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The (trade) media currently devote a lot of attention to intrusive advertisements and therefore mainly target online advertisements (banners, pop-up screens, unwanted e-mails). Consumers react by using ad blockers and are therefore more difficult to reach via the online medium. The effect of TV advertising is meanwhile decreasing because more and more programs are being watched offline and TV spots can be skipped.

The advantage of product media is that they are not intrusive. The consumer chooses a product in the store with or without a premium. Thus, offers with a premium are sometimes more prominently displayed in the store.

The consumer also expects to find offers in the store, just as the consumer also expects to receive a small gift as a thank you during an open house, when ordering via distance selling, during an event, etc. A business gift and a year-end gift for the staff are not considered as intrusive, but as an added value.



“I know someone who has passed a breathalyzer test no less than thirteen times in order to get the BOB key ring.”

(Stef Willems, Vias spokesman, in


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