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Just as with an advertising campaign, you also call on a product media expert for the use of promotional items and business gifts in your marketing campaign, whether internal or external. The product media distributors, affiliated with BAPP, are advisors and experts in this field, as the product media approach is more complex than a simple order.

BAPP Consultants

  • Are aware of the latest trends.
  • Know the right suppliers and their offerings.
  • Can propose more creative solutions that fit your budget and objectives.
  • They follow up on the smooth running and quality control of your order

In addition, the consultants/experts know the legislation concerning promotional items and business gifts and help you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The advantage of a ‘fixed relationship’ with a consultant/expert is that he knows the customer’s company and knows which product media have already been used over the years and for which purposes.

Call in a consultant/expert in time, so that you can use unique, creative and personalized product media at an attractive price. Even for companies that are making last minute arrangements, BAPP members can offer solutions that are tailored to the deadline and budget.

Click here for a list of BAPP-affiliated product media consultants/experts.


“We are using two professional partners. That’s important. They know where we want to go and also what we have done in the past. Via ‘Alibaba’, we can easily get everything. But if something goes wrong, we don’t have a plan B anymore and we need a sure thing.”

(Stijn Wildiers, co-managing director and marketing manager of BOMA, in Promo-Biss)


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