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Product media (promotional products and giveaways) must be incorporated into the marketing strategy at the beginning of a campaign and cannot be considered as a ‘closing item’ at the end. They have their own place in the media mix.

Marketers need to clearly define their target group and the campaign that fits them best. Each medium has its strengths, the same goes for product media. Thus, product media score high compared to other media in the criteria of reach, recall, cost per contact and activation (ROI, return on investment). If an advertiser chooses a promotional item that is both well targeted and useful, it will be highly appreciated.

In addition, a well planned product media campaign can also produce customized products at an attractive price. The consumer will appreciate and keep an exclusive gift for a long time and will remember for a long time who received it.



“Promotional products are a great sales enabler. However, they must be combined with a good marketing strategy that includes all other aspects of the sale: positioning, communication, product, location and price. Nowadays, a good promotional item can be the deciding factor when choosing between several similar offers. It’s the little extra that you ‘like to get’.”

(Nathalie Erdmanis, Brussels Airlines, in Promo-Biss)


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