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Promotional products and business gifts are media that can be found in the media mix alongside media such as television, radio, press and posters. Year after year, the figures confirm the power of promotional products and business gifts as product media.

  • On an average day, promotional products reach 88% of the population aged 14 and over, which is far more than radio, television, or any other traditional media.
  • 37% of people who receive a promotional item often keep it for more than two years.
  • 75% of promotional items are kept for more than six months.
  • 57% of people who receive a promotional item, remember the advertising message. This is twice the recall rate of television advertising.
  • Promotional items are used once a day on average, which also means that the message reaches the recipients every day.
  • 84% of European consumers remember the brand or company from which they received a promotional item.
  • 75% of European consumers keep promotional products because they are useful and practical.

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“We look for items that have value, give our brands visibility and that you use over and over again. Every sales incentive is based on the consumer. And we also always ask ourselves, ‘What would I like to use? “

(Anouk Lagae, Duvel-Moortgat marketing director and ‘2015 Marketer of the Year,’ in Promo-Biss)


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