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In 2017, BAPP drafted a code of conduct for its members to professionalize the product media industry. Members commit to the following:

  1. Clearly define the services offered by their company (description of their activity).
  2. To follow up efficiently the good progress (process) of the orders, including the print order and the delivery time.
  3. Do everything possible to resolve any complaints as efficiently as possible.
  4. Demonstrate professionalism and integrity in professional and social activities.
  5. To comply with legal requirements regarding Auvibel, Bebat, Recupel, Fost Plus, Val-I-Pac, AFSCA and others.
  6. To offer products and services that do not harm people, the environment or society.
  7. To be respectful of human rights and the environment and to fully assume its social responsibilities towards its stakeholders.
  8. Have professional and civil liability insurance.
  9. To respect the “Copyright” of its customers and suppliers and not to use their data, brands or logos without their prior agreement.
  10. Comply with the European standards in force (e.g. REACH, RoHS, CE, …).
  11. To attend the General Assembly or, in case of absence, to be represented.
  12. To organize the permanent training of its internal and external collaborators, in order to ensure their professional and personal development.
  13. To support and promote BAPP’s membership, policies, programs and activities.


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