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“Product Media” is a broad concept. In principle, all products that can be marked with a logo or company name can be placed under product media.


  • A ballpoint pen with a logo.
  • An umbrella with a company name.
  • A polo shirt, fleece or T-shirt with the company name on it, just like work clothes.
  • A T-shirt or cap when shopping in a supermarket.
  • A picnic box for the kids at back-to-school time.
  • A year-end gift from a supplier.
  • A small box of mints with printing.
  • Chocolates with printing on the packaging.
  • Savings actions, loyalty programs.

They are all promotional items and business gifts or, in other words, ‘product media’. By giving them a logo and/or a slogan, they become advertising media in the marketing mix and communication. Their purpose is to promote a brand (brand awareness, brand sympathy – long term effect) and to stimulate the sale of a product or service (new product launch, relaunch, sales support – short term effect). These are tangible items (in the industry we talk about ‘haptic advertising’) that are part of the development and maintenance of a business relationship. Like the little gift that you take with you on a visit.

Companies can deploy product media on different occasions

  • At the point of sale to increase sales (on the packaging or in the display).
  • As a thank you in the context of distance selling or a good business relationship.
  • As an advertising gift at trade fairs to improve brand awareness and attract sympathy.

These product media always have a logo, often with an advertising slogan or baseline. They are used by both profit and non-profit organizations.


“You have to put yourself in other people’s shoes: what do they need and how can I help them with my message? You can do this with a small gift that attracts and maintains attention.”

(Anja Stas, chief commercial officer Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp, in Promo-Biss)


What makes an article a promotional product, a product media? It’s all about the intent of the product.

A simple example: a coffee shop has logo cups to serve coffee to customers. As part of a loyalty program, the café owner can offer this cup with his logo to his customers to take home. This same cup is no longer an ordinary cup, but a marketing communication tool.

It reminds the consumer of the brand or company name and guarantees repeat purchases or visits. Savings actions and loyalty programs are also product media. The intention is to increase the volume of sales and to improve or confirm the image of the company.



Un stylo n’est plus un stylo mais quelque chose que l’on partage.

(Jean-François Cats, responsable marketing chez RSM Belgium, dans Promo-Biss)


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