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Many companies attach importance to social corporate responsibility. The product media sector is also concerned with sustainability and BAPP members offer products that are in line with the CSR strategy of their customers. They demand certificates and standards from their manufacturers as well as checks on working conditions.

The selection of product media also has a CSR aspect. The objective is that consumers or customers appreciate, keep and use the promotional products and business gifts they have received. The choice of quality products is therefore important. For many common products, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives are available. The advantage of these sustainable products is that they also support the CSR image of the company offering them.


(*) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), also known as sustainable business, is “a process of improvement in which companies voluntarily, systematically and consistently integrate social, environmental and economic considerations in consultation with their stakeholders”.


“We find that in today’s marketing environment, consumers are increasingly looking for things that make sense, even when it comes to promotional items. These products can mean something to the consumer as long as they are interesting and useful. I don’t think they’re falling for junk anymore.”

(Nicolas Lambert, former president of STIMA, in Promo-Biss)


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