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Contact : Dirk VAN LYSEBETH (
Website :
Adresse : D’Helst 8
Ville : 9280 Lebbeke
Pays : België
Téléphone : 052/409 540
Fax : 052/409 549
Type : Distributeur
Description : Mondial Gifts was founded in 1979. Our new offices, extended stock facilities, inhouse printing and state of state of the art IT infrastructure assure swift and effective logistics for all sizes of gift and premium campaigns. But by far the most important are 21 very experienced and dedicated collaborators who want to make every action a big success. Independent quality surveys show that 89.7% of our clients find our service as expected. 10.1% find our service better than expected. Our express service delivers 370 items, in all prices ranges, with your logo in 6 working days. Our client loyalty and redemptions programs are famous for their effectiveness as sales booster.