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Contact : Michel VAN BAVEL
Website :
Adresse : Ijzerenweglei 2A
Ville : 2640 Mortsel
Pays : België
Téléphone : 03/443 9770
Fax : 03/440 9368
Type : Distributeur
Description : Van Bavel Business Gifts is a company with a great history. Three generations ago the company was founded by the grandfather of the current owners. Michel and Jacques, as Bavelco and at one point it was Belgium’s leading gifts company. But the business grew too strong for a family company to cope with. An American multinational came in and took over control. Being used to a family structured business, the two youngest Van Bavel never felt satisfied in the multinational and after a while they decided to go their own way again. After a sabbatical year of charity work in Asia, they established Van Bavel Business Gifts. Three generations of know-how combined with multiple trips to Asia to improve quality control and to find better suppliers make Van Bavel Business Gifts a reliable source for all your gadgets gifts, premiums and customized concepts. A team of ten professionals are always ready to be at your service.